October 1, 2021

3 Ways To Book More Acadia Elopements

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful locations in Maine. Elopements in the park are not only picturesque but often are filled with meaning and intention – an elopement photographer’s dream. The Bar Harbor area is a destination in itself, and couples flock to the island to spend their special day in such an iconic spot. 

Even if you haven’t photographed a wedding in Acadia yet in your career, there are a lot of ways to bring in those inquiries and get a booking on your calendar. Below are some of the ways I have brought in inquiries for some of the dreamiest Acadia National Park weddings I have ever shot, and none of them involve posting actual weddings and elopements!

Make a personal visit.

Visit there on your own and post and share your landscape photographs. Then use hashtags and location tags on Instagram to get eyes on that photo which will lead your audience to your main profile where they’ll find your style. Share what you want to shoot is the name of the game here.

Blog about it!!

Even if you haven’t shot there, make a roundup of the local scene, restaurants, accommodations, etc. Make sure to credit any photographs you use in the blog, or better yet, use your own after you visit. This will position you as an expert and help your potential couples trust your knowledge!

Diversify what you’re photographing.

Photograph engagement and family sessions there. This gives you experience photographing people in these locations, so you’ll become better with light and posing. You can also get reviews from these people about their experience with you in Acadia, which is social proof of your knowledge! 

Make sure it’s worth it.

BONUS TIP: Charge enough to make it worth it to travel all that way and do all of the planning. An Acadia Elopement is sometimes more complex than couples know, with navigating, parking, lighting, accommodations, weather, etc. You need to be their expert on the subject, so charge accordingly!