Does this sound like you?

You started taking photos because you love being creative and connecting with people, and you have big business goals and dreams.

Photography is your passion and where you see your future, and you want to make it your career.

You are searching for clarity in your business, sustainable strategies for growth, and a magnetic brand that attracts your aligned clients.

You are ready to create your wholehearted business that serves your life.



A kind and supportive atmosphere

Strategies that are tailored to you


The path to making more money


Full access to my approach to business




But you just don't know how to do it all on your own.

You see other photographers on Instagram photographing your dream weddings, spending weekdays at the beach, showing off their limited availability for the upcoming year, and actually having a healthy work/life balance...


I get it, because I 've been there.

From starting out with a big dream...

You're sick of working in the 9-5 world and making zero money from the shoots you have. You know you would make an awesome professional photographer and business owner, if you just had the time and focus. You're driven and hardworking, and you are taking beautiful photos for clients that adore you, but you feel super stuck on where to go from here. And if you're trying to grow while working two jobs, you might feel like it's impossible.

To absorbing all of the knowledge you can take in...

You watch Youtube, save Pinterest articles, and attend local workshops and content days, but you're still feeling pretty lost when it comes to actually being able to implement this stuff, especially on the business side of things.

You know you're doing all the right things, so why is it taking so long?

You feel like you're spinning your wheels, and spending a lot of money on online courses and templates that you'll use, someday.

You bounce ideas off your friends, your roommates, your mom; but you still don't feel successful, especially compared to everyone you follow on Instagram.

Let me stop you right there.

When you have a clear definition of your own success, those feelings of negativity disappear.

Wait, read that again. Your own success, not anybody else's. It's time to ban those feelings of inferiority, scarcity, and second-guessing yourself.

Whether you like it or not, you are the CEO of your business and your success depends on you! Would a CEO spend their time scrolling through social media and wing it when it comes to things they're trying to learn or accomplish?

Heck no!

It's time to invest in the path to a successful wedding photography career.

The way to accomplish your goals is through action and accountability. With the support and encouragement of a mentorship, you're on your way to success in no time.



A SIX MONTH comprehensive mentorship designed TO give you FREEDOM IN YOUR BUSINESS, create sustainable growth, and encourage creativity.

Here's what I've Realized from a decade as a business owner...

It's time to pursue your goals


This program might be perfect for you if...



You know having an accountability buddy will help you grow and know you can put in the work.

You feel overwhelmed with how to even start growing your business. Where is the time for that?

This program is designed to focus on individualized learning that is 100% tailored to your business. What you define as success isn't the same as the next person, so together we'll work on a plan just for you.

We will break down goal setting and growth in easy-to-implement and manage ways, so that you don't feel like your dreams are unattainable.

You value quality over quantity.

You're ready to start making more money (maybe you want to go full-time!) but you don't know how to start.



We will be really getting into the business side of things, including breaking down finances, pricing and profits. You know, those things you try not to think about until tax time? It's okay, it won't be so scary after this!

Your goal might be to create a business that is niched down and serves your dream clients, rather than working in a high volume with anyone that rings your proverbial doorbell. You don't need to work more to make more, and I'll show you how!

Want to know exactly what you're getting out of this? Here's what each month will look like!

One 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call

Each month, we will take a deep look at your business and your goals, and reflect on how things have been going and what we can dream up and put into practice in that moment.

One 30 Minute Check-In Call

To supplement our deep dive calls, you will have unlimited access to voxering (voice chat) with me during the month as well as a 30 minute check-in call to support your growth!

BONUS: Recorded Mini Trainings

Each month, a recorded mini training will be shared with the group that relates to the main theme. These mini trainings will be little bonuses on topics that can be easily implemented into your business.

What if I told you that you could...

✔ Say "no" to jobs that don't light you up

✔ Stop worrying about where the next inquiry is coming from

✔ Niche down in your business and only work with your dream clients

✔ Wave goodbye to that 9-5 job that is draining you

✔ Feel good about charging what you're worth

✔ Run a wholehearted business that feels good and makes you money

During Ascend, begin checking all those boxes for you!

6 months of community, creativity, hard work, and achievement.

1:1 Business coaching that is built to help you find freedom in your business and tap into your creative magic.


• How To Set Goals & Achieve Them

• Pricing For Your Personal Goals

• How To Find Your Editing Style

• Editing Tutorials + Technical Review

• Managing & Sustaining Your Growth

• Roadmap To Booking Your Dream Clients

• How Consistency Can Grow Your Following

• Finding The "Why" In Your Business

• Wedding & Post-Processing Workflow

• Automating Your Business To Cut Hours Off Your Work Week

• Infusing Your Personality & Your Values Into Your Business

and more!


You're going to create success and

level up your business.


Kind Words

"6 months ago, I couldn’t have imagined myself in the place I am now. After 7+ years as a professional photographer, I found myself feeling stuck and uninspired. I knew where I wanted to go, but had no idea how to get there. Working with Katelyn has helped shape my business into everything I wanted and more."

Melissa Gebert Photography


The Guide To Attracting & Converting Inquiries


The Busy Photographer's Blog Workflow

A $126 value bundle


Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what I WANT YOU TO KNOW

I am a new photographer and have a basic understanding of photography and business. Is this for me?

How is this course different that other's I have been a part of?

1:1 coaching is genuinely tailored to fit your business. We'll open your eyes to new approaches and different points of view. I want to challenge your assumptions and beliefs, and to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges you face in businesses. 1:1 mentoring can also provide you with a sense of accountability, because you'll be working with a coach who can help you stay focused and motivated about your goals.

Yes, actually it's perfect for you! Whether you have been at this for a year or two and are feeling stuck with what's next, or you're ready to go full force into pursuit of wedding photography after just a small amount of time, we are going to cover all of the topics that I believe matter most to growth in our six months together. We will approach each subject with openness and positivity, there are no dumb questions in this program!

I have another job that I work during the weekdays, will I have enough time for this?

I really want to grow, but I am afraid I will become overwhelmed and fail at my goals.

This program is structured to best meet your schedule. This will likely look like weekday evenings, and a flexible schedule that accommodates changes in timing of everyone's lives. It's no secret that we are going into a very busy wedding season, and I will make sure to come up with something that works!

I won't let that happen. My number one roll as your mentor is to support you, and that means lifting you up when you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. It's bound to happen when you're pushing boundaries, exploring new things, and doing things differently. With the reinforcement of a kind and empathetic group around you, you're going to succeed!

How much does Ascend 1:1 Coaching cost?

Will there be payment plans for Ascend?

I want you to think about costs in terms of bookings. What does your photography cost? If we worked on booking you two more weddings or a day of mini sessions etc. for the upcoming year, could that cover the program investment? Ascend is $6000 for six months of coaching. Six months to freedom in your business, growth in your leads, and clarity on your aligned clients. Six months to a business that serves your life. It's worth investing in, I promise.

Yes! You will have the option to pay in full, or pay monthly for the six months (or an extended payment plan.) I wanted to create the monthly option because I understand that everyone has different financial situations, and I want this program to be accessible for those who want to join!

STIll have questions? Contact me!

I'm happy to grab a virtual drink with you.

Let's chat about anything that's holding you back from growing your business. I want to help you succeed more than anything, and I know talking through struggles can be a really big help (that's why this is a group program!)

Send me an email to book your discovery call, or fill out the Ascend application and we'll talk 1:1 then!



A six month hybrid mentorship for wedding photographers.

Give yourself freedom in your business.