Education That Helps You Grow As A Photographer

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One-On-One Session

These sessions are my favorite way to teach. I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner, and chances are if you’re in this industry, so are you. These sessions are 4 hours and take place in the greater Portland, Maine area. These half-day sessions begin with a two-hour Q+A where I am an open book about anything you want to chat about, as well as helping you to prepare for the next part of this session, the photoshoot! We will then photograph a couple together, where I’ll help you with direction, lighting, and feeling confident no matter what. After that, we’ll go through your images and talk about what you rocked at and what to work on in the future.

Common topics that are discussed are:
– shooting in any lighting situation
– natural + candid direction
– being confident with your clients
– shooting for publication
– understanding your gear
– photographing different personalities
– goal setting with photography


Business + Behind The Scenes Session

These sessions are completely structured around what you want to learn. We can discuss everything from business to pricing to post-processing. These are 2-hour sessions and must take place in the greater Portland area. These sessions are great for those who want to talk more about the business side of things, editing, SEO, website design, or finances.

Common topics that are discussed are:
– LR/editing
– personal branding/marketing
– booking your ideal client
– portfolio review
– editing/workflow
– goal setting
– pricing/profitability
– getting published


Portfolio + Website Review

It’s always a good idea to get a fresh set of eyes on your work. Portfolio reviews were my favorite part of photography school, and I believe your body of work and what you show your audience is the biggest indicator of what you book. Is your portfolio set up to help you succeed? Portfolio reviews take place via skype or in-person.